Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hit refresh, already!

For years, I blogged. Two different times, two different sites, two points in my life that I really wanted to have my say, but both times I ran out of time and energy. I am now a full-time student at North Carolina State University, and between work, school, and more church jobs than I'd care to admit to, I was a bit overwhelmed, y'know?

But now, I'm back. It's a point in my life where I've left behind a number of things that made my life somewhat "normal". Yeah, normal is a relative term here, I know. But I've given notice on my job, dropped some of the multitude of things I thought that I was responsible for, and decided to aim at the few things that I knew I was supposed to do.

For example?

The beginning of my senior year. I will be taking a fairly heavy course load this year, aiming at graduating from State in the spring of '10, and as a psychology major, my classes won't be easy, to say the least. Hence the "leaving my job" thing. I've worked as a housecleaner for twelve years, and though I found it a bit boring sometimes, it was still what I was used to. Now, I've been spending a large portion of my tiny income on the gas it takes to drive TO my job, and it's time for it to change. So, I'm taking my student aid, and living on a tight budget so I can have more time to study.

Graduate school lies ahead. I am aiming at having my first application in by the first of November, and I will admit it's making me a bundle of nerves. Just a few years ago, I would never have considered applying at schools like Duke and the University of North Carolina, but I feel a definite pull in that direction. So, a good portion of time in the next several months will be spent trying to explain to two elite schools why they should accept me into their student body. Hooray?

And finally, the call on my life. I know, it sounds strange to me, too. But over the last two years, I have felt a pull that I can't deny. I've finally realized that listening to that call means that I will be applying to Duke Divinity School, and seeking ordination as a deacon eventually. I am being drawn (some days with my cooperation, some days kicking and screaming) toward being a counselor. I spent months going through the "who, me?" stage, followed by "you've got to be kidding!", finally segueing into "alright, alright, I'll do it, but You've got to help me explain this thing!"

For those of you who know me, none of this is probably news. But I'm grateful for your support, nonetheless. And for those of you who will get to know me through this season of my life, and through this blog, I hope that you'll decide to hang out with me as I walk down this road that I didn't even know existed. I've hit the refresh button on my life, one more time, and hit the road again. Let's do it together.

Your hopeful sister,


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  1. You go girl. You should be very proud (but not TOO proud b/c that's a sin) of all you have accomplished. You're an inspiration.